My internet home where I share ideas about coding for kids and a lot more!

My sister and I volunteering at Sosep Santa Maria de Jesus in Guatemala

I love ballet, piano and travelling

In April I traveled with my family to Guatemala on a volunteer trip. Even though it was a lot of hard work because we had to get up very early every day and travel a very long way to get to the village where we were teaching I still had fun. I realized with this trip how lucky I was to be able to have all these experiences with my mom, dad and sister. It also made me see why the online teaching volunteer work I did was so important. I wish I could keep in touch with the girls here and also share with them stuff I learn from online sites like girls who code as well as all the other stuff I learn in school, dance and music class. This picture is from my trip when my sister and I were having playtime with the kids.

Screenshot of me playing a game in Roblox

I love making games

I started out with making games on Scratch and participating in the hour of code at school and then learnt how to make games using Stencyl at the Girls Make Games summer camp and Roblox games I learnt how to make myself. This year my goal is to learn Unity! I also want to join the local girls who code club at the library. In my free I teach coding for kids and game making using Scratch online at a non-profit to help other kids and also to improve my own skills. Some of my games are below: